Police: Man shot by officers in Colorado died by suicide

September 28, 2022 GMT

AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Police now say a man who was shot by officers during a chase in suburban Denver on Saturday shot himself in the head at the same time and his death has been ruled a suicide.

Aurora police officers approached Anthony Edwards, 31, the driver of a suspected stolen car, as he left a store at a gas station and he immediately fled, Denver police, who are investigating the shooting, said in an update Tuesday. Edward drew a handgun and pointed it at officers who were chasing him and one officer fired at Edwards but it’s not known if Edwards was struck or injured then, police said.

Edwards continued running, pointing the gun at officers, and two officers fired a combined five rounds at him, police said. Simultaneously, Edwards raised his handgun to his head and fired once, police said.

In the initial briefing on the shooting Saturday, acting Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas did not mention that Edwards had shot himself, just that at least two officers had fired at him after he pointed a weapon at the officers.

In a statement, Denver police said they were able to provide the new information after completing interviews and reviewing body camera video.