Supply chain issues, rising prices affecting fireworks

June 21, 2022 GMT

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Supply chain issues and climbing prices are affecting the availability of fireworks as the Fourth of July holiday approaches.

Patrick Spielbauer is the president of Spielbauer Fireworks, a third-generation fireworks company in Green Bay.

“And to date, we’ve received about 20-25% of what we should’ve gotten primarily from China,” said Spielbauer. “So there’s certainly going to be a fireworks shortage.”

He says the issue is multifaceted.

“We have inflation so there’s rising costs associated with everything; with raw materials, labor, shipping and insurance,” said Spielbauer. “But since COVID, the supply chain has been really disrupted and the shipping from China has been trickling over.”

According to American Pyrotechnics Association, consumers will spend about $2.3 billion on fireworks this Fourth of July , WLUK-TV reports.

When it comes to the big displays, Spielbauer says the typical price he pays is about $13,000. But, this year, that cost has risen to $50,000.


“I think the biggest driving force for us is the cost of shipping,” said Spielbauer.

With high costs, and delayed shipping, Spielbauer adds if you go to a fireworks show this year, it may look a little different.

“We’re fighting the rising costs which means we don’t get enough of each dollar,” said Spielbauer. “We are fighting supply chain issues which means we’re not going to have the variety that we normally have.”

Overall, costs are up 35% across the firework industry, although the APA estimates more than 16,000 fireworks displays will be produced this Fourth of July.